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Get Ozonated!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

35ml concentrate | 37.90$


Hemp Oil

35ml concentrate  39.90$


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About O3 Vita Ozonated skin care products:

  • 100% Natural Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed Ozonized Olive Oil in a convenient 35mL tube;

  • Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil Infused with oxygen in a convenient 35ml dispenser;

  • The perfect treatment for many common skin conditions such as Dry Skin, Acne, Blemishes, Stings and Bites, Minor Wounds, Cuts, Chapped Lips, Abrasions, and Itches;

  • Apply a thin layer to affected areas on the skin once or twice a day or as required;

  • The product's viscosity varies depending on temperature. It is recommended that the tube is stored in a cool environment (under 20°C) or refrigerated for longer-term storage;

  • Use within 12 Months of Opening;

  • O3 Vita Ozonated products will not be available in other scents since the quality standard of the product will not allow any impurities;

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