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Get to know these labels, your life depends on it!

Products sold in Australia come mostly with these warnings!

Why are we still allowing the use of these products in our homes and expose yourself and your families to them every day?

Most of the surface sealers that are used in Australia have these, one or all these warnings. They are not shown openly in most cases by the seller or on the package. Only in the Safety Data Sheets (for the people who actually ask for the right papers) can you see some of the truth.

The vast majority of sealers that are used by applicators, contractors, builders DIY etc., will have one or all of the warnings but because the application of the product might be faster, cheaper or simply fall into the ‘don’t care’ box; they will be used in preference to the better safer ECO products in the market.

One of the old reasons manufacturers 'can' give you a 10-20 yrs warranty (most of them would not even go past 5 yrs in real life…) on product is because they used highly volatile chemicals that will stay a long time in the environment our kids rooms our homes our work places before they have evaporated and you have absorbed some of it into your body!…


Go ECO !

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on fabric/umbrellas/sailcloth/tarps

WetEx on textiles is worth a try. Some textiles have chemicals embedded and will react adversely but WetEx will work with your 'normal' wear