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 WetExSEAL, for Stone and cementitious/mineral/floors


WetEx™Seal is a one-part, all-purpose Sealer, Sodium Silicate; modified liquid that hardens and facilitates an impregnating seal for fresh or old concrete/cement surfaces. Primarily for sealing cracks in concrete floors, sidewalks, walkways, or driveways, WetEx™Seal is safe, non-toxic, and contains no odours. Suitable for interior and exterior application on non-specific curing standard substrates. WetEx™Seal will not adhere to oil or grease. The surface must not have been previously sealed or painted. Concrete must not have a sealing-type admixture in it. It can be used as a densifier in grinding or polishing concrete as well as dust-proofing of prefab work. It has light to moderate abrasion resistance for applications on warehouse floors, parking, shopping industrial floors etc...

WetEx™Seal increases the chemical and abrasion resistance of untreated concrete surfaces. It has a high penetration on the non-sealing surface(breathing).


To Seal Cement/Concrete Floors: Clean the surface before treatment, Floor must not have been previously sealed or painted. Any adhering matter or contaminates have to be removed before application. Concrete must not have a sealing-type admixture in it. Mop/spray on the surface generously with WetEx™Seal, and wipe up any puddles for a better finish. Repeat if necessary to get the desired results. The previous layer must be thoroughly penetrated and dried prior to the application of the next layer. WetEx™Seal will help harden the surface for better dust control and resist penetration by water, oils and other liquid spills.

To apply on a fresh denser concrete/floor use a Wagner ProSpray gun (or similar) or a spray pump applicator at a high flow rate and brush WetEX™Sealer into the substrate with a broom or soft pad until evenly applied and worked into the surface. Make sure that there is even coverage and wipe any pooling of product away for a better finish. On older rougher, more porous surfaces a second coat might be needed. To get the best result for a surface sheen use a cleaning /polishing machine to get an evenly finished surface.

Using WetEX™Seal as a densifier use a sprayer application when grinding at an 80grid level (2 coats).

The performance of WetEX™Seal can greatly differ depending on cement content and substrates which are very porous/light weight and /or worn.

WetEX™Seal cannot prevent heavy staining or heavy wear.


Wear protective gear such as gloves and glasses. When spraying avoid windy conditions and keep out of the reach of children. WetEx is non-flammable and non-toxic.

WetEx can be stored for up to 3 years in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.- be aware of the high pH of 10 and use protective gear.


Our choice of spray tools for a professional application!

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1. Citrus-based, heavy duty waterless sanitising hand cleaner. 


3. Made from natural citrus extracts.

4. Biodegradable.

5. Contains a polymer bead based scrubber to remove ingrained dirt by gently massaging the skin without experiencing the harsh scratching associated with conventional mineral abrasives.

6. Formulated and tested to quickly remove grease, oil, carbon black, printing inks, engine grease, etc.; all with exceptional results.

7. Skin conditioning agents include glycerine and lanolin derivatives to help condition the hands without leaving them greasy.

8. Formulated as a thickened liquid to reduce the wastage associated with gel hand cleaners.

9. Easy spreading across the hands further reduces wastage.

10. Formulated to accommodate use in dispensers.

11. High strength formulation requires less cleaner to be used.

12. Pleasant orange fragrance leaves wash areas smelling fresh.



Appearance / Colour: Opaque orange liquid.   Scent:   Fresh citrus. 

PH Value 1% w/v: 6.5       Boiling Point (°C):     100°C 

Specific Gravity:         1.05       Water Solubility:    Soluble. 


Safety Directions / Hazard Classification: Non Hazardous in compliance with Worksafe Australia criteria. BIODEGRADABLE.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If swallowed, drink lots of water and seek medical attention immediately.


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HYDRO- HandWashGel is a powerful citrus based sanitising hand gel that is gentle to your skin with a pH neutral biodegradable formulation. Just one little amount will clean and remove the common grease, oils, smells or bacteria in no time. Just rub a nut seize volume of HYDRO-HandWashGel onto your hands evenly,  wait 20 seconds till dry and wash off with plenty of water; clean and citrus fragranced hands the result­.


HYDRO- HandWashGel is made to last and be used directly out of the bottle or in a dispenser leaving a pleasant Citrus fragrance.

HYDRO- HandWashGel requires less cleaner then its peers further reducing your carbon footprint without damaging your skin.

HYDRO- HandWashGel


  1. Citrus based hand cleaner/gel;

  2. Contains ;

  3. Made from renewable citrus D-Limonene based (citrus oil) extracts;

  4. Biodegradable

  5. pH Neutral;

  6. Anti-Bacterial active ingredient of bacteria;

  7. Skin conditioning agents include Glycerin and Lanolin derivative to help condition the hands without leaving them greasy;

  8. Formulated as a thickened liquid to reduce the wastage caused by gel hand cleaners;

  9. Formulated to reduce wastage by easy spreading across the hands;

  10. Formulated to be able to be used in dispensers;

  11. High strength formulation requires less cleaner to be used;

  12. Fresh orange fragrance which leaves the wash area smelling fresh;

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HYDRO- BigBlue is a highly concentrated fast-acting surface sanitiser. Its high concentration will rapidly remove the thickest grime and dirt, mildew, soap scum and 99.9% all germs. HYDRO- BigBlue with its specially formulated anti-bacterial properties will leave all surfaces germ free and sparkling!

HYDRO- BigBlue highly charged active agents make it incredibly effective on any bathroom or kitchen surface without the use of bad chemicals that will effect your health and the environment.

HYDRO- BigBlue liquid is made to last and is used directly out of the bottle or in a dispenser leaving a pleasant Citrus fragrance.

HYDRO- BigBlue requires less cleaner than its peers further reducing your carbon footprint without damaging your skin.

HYDRO- BigBlue should be applied to the surface manually by a bucket and cloth or by hand spray (reuse one of your old hand spray bottle and save your planet a bit more!) When using the hand-sprayer use the foaming trigger. Once HYDRO- Big Blue is applied leave the agents do their work for 10-30 minutes, depending on surfaces and toughness of the grime, (have a cup of coffee while HYDRO- BigBlue is doing all the work for you). Any difficult stains should be treated with a brush or mob. Apply regularly to keep the nasties at bay. HYDRO- BigBlue can also be used with a pressure washer such as Wagner, floor cleaner or any other floor or pressure cleaner.

Recommended for the use of all types of bathrooms and sanitary installations, drains, washroom basins, chrome, ceramic tiles, sink, showers, shower doors, and baths, including porcelain und fiberglass as well as any surface in the kitchen from stainless steel to ceramic table tops and cabinet finishes.


Dilute the super concentrate to 1:10 for you normal use (100 ml of HYDRO- BigBlue to 1000 ml water)

Dilute the super concentrate to 5:10 for you heavy use (100 ml of HYDRO- BigBlue to 500 ml water)


  1. Citrus based cleaner, heavy-duty surface sanitising;

  2. Contains ;

  3. Contains ;

  4. Contains ;

  5. Contains ;

  6. Made from renewable citrus D-Limonene based (citrus oil) extracts;

  7. pH 8.8;

  8. High strength formulation requires less cleaner to be used;

  9. Fresh fragrance which leaves the wash area smelling fresh;

  10. KILLS 99.9% OF ALL GERMS

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Super Concentrated Degreaser

Non-Hazardous - Low Toxicity - Safe 

Powerful, efficient and economical degreaser specially formulated for the rapid removal of oils, grease and fats from machinery, equipment and various types of flooring. It can be used on any surface which will not be damaged by water. PowerClean is so versatile, that it can be applied using a Machine Scrubber, Pressure Washer or manually with a mop or hand spray. 


PowerClean Concentrate must be diluted 1:10 with water (e.g. 100ml Power Degreaser to 1000ml water) to obtain regular working strength. The diluted solution can be used as follows:


Heavy Duty Cleaning-    1:5  (100ml pre-diluted concentration to 500ml water)

Medium Duty Cleaning- 1:20 (100ml pre-diluted concentration to 2000ml water)

Light Duty Cleaning-      1:50 (100ml pre-diluted concentration to 5000ml water) 


  • PowerClean solvent, when present in low concentrations, helps penetrate grease and oil.

  • High levels of caustic compounds help saponify the grease and oil transforming them to become water soluble.

  • Sequestering agents to help dissolve/remove mineral deposits, e.g. rust etc

  • Range of surfactants and detergents to help clean away a large range of road and engine deposits, dirt and grime.

  • Very strong colour to provide a visual indication of correct dilution rates to assist in avoiding product wastage.

  • Formulated specifically for cleaning oily and greasy machines and floors.

  • PowerClean has a large range of cleaning compounds for more general cleaning purposes which do not have large amounts of oil/grease to remove

  • Sequestering agents to remove dissolved mineral deposits.

  • Range of surfactants and detergents to help clean away a large range of dirt and grime.

  • Successfully cleans through very heavy dirt and grime deposits commonly found in areas such as factory floors, offices, food preparation areas, etc.

  • Range of surfactants and detergents to help clean away light soilage which may be found in bathroom/toilet areas.

Dincel profile fDSurfaceS.jpg


HYDRO™ SurfaceS/SE is a one-component eco-cementitious polymer surface render/membrane. Once mixed with water, it provides a high-performance flexible render and key coat bonding bridge for application to NON-POROUS substrates.


To provide a cementitious key coat bonding bridge on Permanent Formwork as in REDIWALL, DINCEL, etc. as well as any non-porous surface such as metal Colorbond or PVC. An excellent base for application of render, paints, tiles and stonework or as a cost effective way to protect your surfaces for years to come.


  • Provides a base coating suitable for substrates subject to Thermal Movements.

  • Environmentally friendly and suitable for application on poorly ventilated areas.

  • Acts as an anti-fracture membrane between the substrate and other finishing coats.

  • Does not require scuffing or sandblasting.

  • HYDRO™ Surface products are also produced with “Green Binder” 85% reduced CO2 (compared to equivalent cement) = HYDRO™SurfaceSE.


Application Instructions

Surface preparation: The surface to be coated must be sound, clean and free from all traces of paint, dust, grease, efflorescence, loose particles, gypsum, plaster and mould-release compounds. Holes, voids etc should be filled and prepared for over-coating prior to the application  (HYDRO™ – RCN repair grout).

Apply HYDRO™-Surface by Sprayer (Wagner Pro 1030) Texture, Foam or 10 NAP roller or broom/ brush spreading a homogeneous and continuous coating of around 1-2 mm per uptake. For large areas, HYDRO™-Surface can also be sprayed. On fissures, concrete joints, corners and cracks, once repaired, apply a first coat of HYDRO™-Surface @ 1.2-1.6 kg/m2 and while the product is still fresh, place a mesh 50-200mm if needed. Depending on the environment, the drying time between two HYDRO™ Surface layers is 30-60 minutes. On very dense surfaces such as steel or PVC the drying time can be much longer. Always test first on a sample surface.


HYDRO™ TDC Thermal Dynamic Coating

Non-Hazardous - ENERGY saving - 24/7

HYDRO™-TDC not only refects any sunlight/UV like any other paint but the mineral matrix of the coating slows down the transferal of the heat by around 30%, making the environment inside cooler 24/7, 365 days for years to come.


O3 VITA skincare products

  • 100% Natural Extra Virgin, Cold-Pressed Ozonized Olive Oil in a convenient 35mL tube;

  • Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil; Enriched with active oxygen in a convenient 35mL dispenser.

  • The perfect treatment for many common skin conditions such as Dry Skin, Acne, Blemishes, Stings and Bites, Minor Wounds, Cuts, Chapped Lips, Abrasions, and Itches;

  • Apply a thin layer to affected areas on the skin once or twice a day or as required;

  • The product's viscosity varies depending on temperature. It is recommended that the tube is stored in a cool environment (under 20°C) or refrigerated for longer-term storage;

  • Use within 12 Months of Opening;

  • O3 Vita Ozonated products will not be available in other scents since the quality standard of the product will not allow any impurities;

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