WetEx© the eco-friendly, multi-purpose, invisible "RAINCOAT"

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HYDRO© HandWash, Sanitiser and Anti-bacterial Cleaning Products

Our Philosophy

Our Passion

Our Vision

Making a difference and creating a better future with environmentally friendly products has been our long-term passion. Seeing the world around us being damaged by indiscriminate use of pollutants motivates us to act in finding better ways to care for and manage our surroundings. The time to act responsibly is NOW! 

At a time when globalisation impacts all our lives it is still a challenge for many people to recognise the changes we all need to make in order to provide our children with a safe and healthy future. Outdated and environmentally damaging concepts and technologies are still widely used; old habits are hard to break! We must move forward and create a future where old knowledge and new ideas combine to make a positive difference. 

Our vision is to ensure the delivery of products that are environmentally friendly and which make a favourable difference to our lives with minimal impact on our planet.

Setting the standards by introducing new and innovative ideas for us all to embrace.

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